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Yvonne United States of America

Yvonne, Editor


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Yvonne holds an MA in English. Graduate work provided Yvonne with the opportunity to work on the small staff of a well-recognized literary journal. She designed and taught basic English classes at the university level for two years. Yvonne enjoys the interaction involved in teaching and learning. She therefore invests a good bit of thought in her editing commentary in order to teach while she edits. For the past three years, she has specialized in academic and non-fiction editing, but also loves the variety of editing fiction, children\'s books, and a multitude of other documents. Yvonne is a bit of a polyglot. Possessing native fluency in German, she also edits German manuscripts. She enjoys history, politics, and learning from the vast variety of clients\' work.

Skills: Academic, English Literature, Social Sciences, Business, German, Books, History, Politics

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May 09, 2018

(United States of America)

Service was prompt - completed professionally and ahead of schedule.

This client's editor was Faith



June 08, 2018

(United States of America)


This client's editor was Carole