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About WordsRU

We provide a specialist proofreading and editing service to businesses, academics, and writers. WordsRU focuses on providing our customers with value for their money by delivering a quality edit every time. We do not run a labor marketplace, with multiple contractors bidding for the lowest price. Instead, customer satisfaction through quality is our objective.

Why "WordsRU"? People are often judged on their ability to express themselves. In essence, your words are you - they represent your thoughts and are the building blocks of your personal, professional, and academic contributions. Just as good communicators invariably secure the best jobs, documents that are well written and presented with attention to style achieve greater recognition and success for their creators.

WordsRU is a privately-held, online editing company based in Australia (ABN 27 622 203 374). We were established in 2002 to meet the needs of business professionals, members of academia, the writing community, and individuals around the world.

Our Mission

To continue to offer punctual and cost-effective proofreading, editing, and writing solutions for our customers. We stake our growth and competitive advantage on our ability to listen to our customers and exceed their service expectations.

Words are not merely words; they are the embodiment of power.
- Chin-Ning Chu, author of Thick Face, Black Heart

The REAL WordsRU difference is in our editors and chief editors.

This is because we employ the services of the finest editors, who have proven themselves through years of professional and educational experience. Please click here to review and select your editor of choice.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Gilbert Nenohwe

Gilbert Nenohwe

July 11, 2024

(United Kingdom)

Good experience and great support



June 08, 2024

(United States of America)

Overall, my experience has been great and I have been using WordsRU for years.