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What Is Proofreading and How Can It Improve Everything You Write?

Errors can certainly be embarrassing. But they can also affect your future. In your academic work, errors will lower your grades; in your resume, errors might mean that you do not get the job interview. Errors in your self-published book manuscript will result in poor reviews and fewer sales. In fact, anything that’s published, whether in print or online, might succeed or fail based on whether it has been proofread by a professional editor.

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What is Entailed with a Double Reading and Why Does It Matter?

Double reading is the practice of all publishers, and is performed to ensure that a publication is error-free. It is the process of having a document undergo the scrutiny of not one proofreader, but two. Double reading is essential to catch errors because no one person can catch every single problem in any given manuscript. By using two sets of eyes on the final proofread, publishers reduce the risk and frequency of errors in the publication.

Why Is It Almost Impossible for Writers to Proofread Their Own Words and Fix Errors?

For the same reason that it is essential to use double reading to avoid embarrassing errors in a published work, it is important for writers to engage a proofreader before self-publishing or submitting their work to agents and publishers.

It is even more essential because, as the author of your own words, you are necessarily a biased proofreader. When you reread your work, frequent and immeasurable instances of inattention will cause you to skip over certain words because your mind anticipates the content, rather than reading what is actually on the page. It is all too easy to overlook a misspelled or missing word in your writing, even if you are a flawless proofreader when it comes to other people’s writing.

When it comes to your written work, you thus must accept that there will be errors . . . and you will not even see them.

What Do Professors and Writing Teachers Suggest?

Many professors and writing teachers will suggest that writers should put the document aside for at least a day or two and then return and reread the content to search for errors. Some also recommend that you read the words in a backwards order from the last page to the first page. The reasoning is that if you read each word individually, you will immediately know if it has been misspelled or not. However, that doesn’t help you with the flow of a sentence or any grammatical errors that may remain on the page.

Mainstream Publishers Always Use Their Own In-House Editorial Staff Before a Work Is Published

Publishers such as Random House Books will always make sure one of their in-house editors and two proofreaders review every single word of a book before it is published. If a book has been reviewed by at least one editor and two proofreaders, most, if not all, of the errors will have been caught before the item is published.

Still, we have all seen typographical errors in books. Think of how many errors would be left if the text had not been checked by professional editors.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Professional Editor and Proofreader Before You Submit Your Words for Publication?

The advantages of hiring a professional editor and proofreader far outweigh the costs. Let’s look at the five main advantages, which will help you decide whether you should hire a professional proofreader.

#1 Advantage. A professional proofreader will be able to catch and fix almost all of the typographical errors that remain in your draft.

#2 Advantage. If you are a college student who is submitting an abstract, a thesis, a dissertation, or an essay and you submit your documents with multiple grammatical errors and misspellings, you will most likely be asked to revise your content and re-submit it for future consideration. Why not avoid that entire nightmare? Have your paper proofread before you submit it. You will not have to spend your valuable time correcting words and punctuation that your proofreader will catch and fix for you, and you will create a good impression with your written work on the first submission.

#3 Advantage. If you are a children’s book author, the adults who purchase your book for children will buy more of your books if you eliminate any glaring errors before submitting it for publication. By hiring a professional proofreader for your children’s book, you will be guaranteed more sales and repeat buyers, because the adults reading the book can feel confident that the book is free of errors, and will not teach their children incorrect spelling or grammar. Although the word count in a children’s book is lower than in a fiction book or a nonfiction book, it is essential to hire a professional proofreader. You have one chance at success with your book in the marketplace. Do yourself a favor and make sure that you set yourself up for the best possible outcome by having your book professionally proofread.

#4 Advantage. On social media sites and on bookstore sites, your book will receive more positive reviews if you have made sure that your content is error free. It is to your advantage to not tarnish your own name when you are publishing to such a vast audience. Hire a professional proofreader today. It will guarantee your success tomorrow.

#5 Advantage. When you decide to hire a professional proofreader to review your work and correct any errors, you are guaranteeing your own success. You are your own brand. That means your name is attached to your writing and your words. When you present a professional document, book, or any other publication, you should protect your name so that you do not get a reputation for publishing shoddy work. Even if you are the absolute expert authority on a topic of worldwide interest to many millions of people, readers will not trust your work if your words are misspelled, if punctuation is incorrect or missing, and if the topics don’t flow from one paragraph to another with a smooth transition. Your writing matters, so make sure you hire a professional proofreader.

How to Guarantee Your Future Success

To make the most of your writing and publishing efforts, you can hire a professional proofreader at WordsRU for electronic editing. We offer academic proofreading, fiction proofreading, nonfiction proofreading, and business document proofreading.

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