Frequently Asked Questions

If your manuscript isn’t completely finished, that is not a problem! Whether you are just looking for some feedback or advice, need someone to finish a project you’ve started, or want one of our talented writers to create a work of writing from scratch, WordsRU is here for you! We can provide the following:
A first draft is never perfect the first time around, and a professional editor will be able to give you feedback of a calibre that you would never receive from your friends, family, or writing circle. We provide this, as well as intense substantive editing and formatting, in our Plus Service. From our Plus Service, you can expect to receive the following: Substantive copy editing to improve description, dialog, phrasing and so on in order to make the language of your manuscript really shine. Full formatting within Word to prepare your work for submission to agents, publishers, or self-publishing services. An in-depth feedback letter that includes a full-scale revision plan for your manuscript. With our Plus Service, the editor assesses every line of your manuscript with an eye for improvement. If you think your manuscript might need some dramatic changes, there is no reason for you to invest in a line-by-line edit of text that you might end up changing entirely. In this case, we recommend that customers select Other Writer Services and request a Developmental Letter. WordsRU's developmental letter service provides you with the objective feedback and tools you need to hone your story and improve your story-telling ability. This is an excellent option for anyone who has completed a first draft and just wants advice on how to improve the work as a whole.
Writing is intense and time-consuming, and experienced writers know that completing the rough draft is only just the beginning! That’s why WordsRU offers services to assist writers at every stage of the writing process—from your first draft to your final proof.

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