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Richard Spain

Richard, Editor

Firmly anchored inside the world of ESL and academia, Richard holds an MA in ESL and a BA in Economics, and has taught academic English for 20 years while working at 4 of the world’s top universities. He teaches all genres of academic writing, and has extensive experience preparing academic papers for publication, editing PhD and master’s dissertations of every discipline, and writing articles for trade magazines. Besides editing, he carries out his own research into language acquisition, and has presented at several leading international conferences. His research areas include processing metaphor and engendering learner autonomy.

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June 18, 2017

(United States of America)

Sarah is an outstanding editor! She truly cares about my projects. Thank you very much!

This client's editor was Sarah



June 25, 2017

(United Kingdom)

Thank you Faith ^ ^

This client's editor was Faith