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Sarah United States of America

Sarah, Chief Editor

Sarah holds an MA in Writing: Book Publishing, a BA in English with emphases in Literature and Creative Writing, and an AS in Japanese Language and Culture. She has decades of experience editing and writing scripts, short stories, poetry, and book manuscripts. Her editing and educational experiences have given her a unique knowledge of various aspects of the publishing industry and an understanding of how to create marketable, quality writing. Sarah is particularly fond of science fiction and Japanese literature, but her experience also includes years of editing children’s books and middle readers, memoirs, juvenile fantasy, and many adult genres. With several years as a WordsRU editor and more than a year as a newspaper editor, she is also well-versed in editing academic work at all levels, verbal presentations, business documents, and newspaper/magazine/blog articles.

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April 29, 2017


Excellent job once again!! Michael has reviewed most of my papers (including my PhD thesis) and I can really recommend his services!! Thank you!!

This client's editor was Michael



May 15, 2017

(United States of America)

"On April 23, I successfully defended my Doctor of Ministry major project. On May 13, I graduated with a Doctor of Ministry degree. The editing expertise y...

This client's editor was Carole