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Book Editing in USA

So, you have successfully written a book and are ready to publish it. Congratulations! Are you confident that your creation is free from all types of errors? Are you sure that it is in a form that would be appealing to publishers and readers? If you are still uncertain, why not have your manuscript reviewed by a professional book editor at WordsRU?
We have a team of experienced book editors who can analyze your work and detect typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other linguistic errors in your manuscript. Our book editing services can be specially tailored for you to ensure that your work stands out from the rest.

What is included in our book editing service?

We provide both proofreading and editing services for fiction and non-fiction books. While our Basic proofreading service involves checking your work to make sure it adheres to grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization conventions, the Plus-level editing service takes a deeper look at the word choice, sentence structure, consistency, and flow of the content. Once all the errors have been sorted out, we will edit the content to ensure that your book has everything necessary to make it a hit among readers.

Types of books we edit

We edit all types of books in the following genres:

  • Satire
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Action and adventure
  • Science fiction
  • Horror
  • Religious books
  • Comics
  • Cookbooks
  • Biographies
  • Poetry
  • Anthologies

  • Use our editing service to convert a good manuscript into a masterpiece.

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Our writing areas of expertise

What WordsRU's {{ term|capitalize }} Editing
Service Can Do for You

WordsRU {{ term }} editors provide valuable advice on ways to improve the story line, character development, and description in your fiction, and the organization and flow of ideas in your nonfiction. They bring an entirely fresh vocabulary set and phrasing solutions to help liven up your writing and give it the biggest impact. They also fix errors and typos - but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Developmental Letter

A first draft is never perfect the first time around. In many cases, the manuscript can be vastly improved by deleting entire scenes, combining characters, and changing the order of events, the point of view, and/or the perspective. There is no reason for you to invest in a line-by-line edit of text that you might end up changing entirely. Instead, let WordsRU's {{ term }} editors show you how and where to improve on all aspects of your {{ term }}.

In the developmental letter option, one of our {{ term }} editors performs a close reading of your manuscript, making short comments on the document to mark examples of issues. After completing the reading, the editor will write a 5 to 10 page letter identifying issues, providing suggestions and guidance, and assessing the manuscript on a number of levels, including:

  • Perspective and point of view
  • Character development and consistency
  • Plot development
  • Organization
  • Scene formation/description
  • Formation of paragraphs and sentences
  • Grammatical, punctuation, and spelling patterns

WordsRU's developmental letter service provides you with the objective feedback and tools you need to hone your story and improve your story-telling ability. This is an excellent option for anyone who has just completed a first draft and wants advice on how to improve the work as a whole.

Final Proofread

Copyediting and formatting, while essential to the bookmaking process, do not guarantee a print-perfect product. In fact, the rearranging and transformations that are integral to these processes sometimes result in typos, odd sentences, and missing text.

Make sure that your {{ term }} is truly ready for the public eye! WordsRU will assign an objective, fastidious editor to make a final pass over the text to make sure that there are no unresolved formatting, design, or textual issues. Let WordsRU bring your manuscript to its perfect shine!

Cover and Query Letters

Your cover or query letter is the face of your {{ term }}, and publishing companies see thousands of submissions every year. A dynamite letter will inspire publishing companies and agents to read your first pages, while a so-so letter might mean that your manuscript goes in the recycle bin without having a sentence of it read.

WordsRU's knowledgeable {{ term }} editors make sure that your {{ term }} stands out from the crowd! They will not only give your cover or query letter a thorough edit to correct basic language difficulties, but will also give your letter that necessary punch to be noticed above and beyond the competition, as well as provide you with invaluable feedback on how to improve the letter's impact.

WordsRU's professional {{ term }} editors can help make the most of your writing. To that end, we will

  • Edit your {{ term }} for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, tense, and typographical errors
  • Review word choice and sentence structure to ensure that your language flows well, using appropriate tone and style, to achieve a presentation that is appealing to your audience
  • Take great care to preserve your voice and meaning
  • Provide comments to bring your attention to any issues with storyline, character, or theme
  • Address any particular areas of concern that you may have.

Most books will go through several rounds of {{ term }} editing before they are published, and these days, most publishers only want to invest in the final {{ term }} proofread, which is the part regarding typos and errors. Most hobby editors - your friends and family who look over the {{ term }} and show you where you’ve confused "their" and "there" - aren’t equipped to provide the finesse, feedback, and literary solutions that our professional {{ term }} editors have at their disposal. So that’s where we come in! Give WordsRU a try, and see the difference.


Once you feel confident in the overall organization, pacing, content, and consistency of your manuscript as a whole, a proper copyedit can make the language of your {{ term }} really shine. WordsRU's expert copyeditors stand ready to assess every line of your manuscript with an eye for improvement.

A copyedit is so much more than the correction of basic grammar and spelling mistakes! Our {{ term }} editors assimilate to your unique style and tone, and enhance your manuscript from the inside, altering sentences and paragraphs to improve

  • Description
  • Dialog
  • Awkward phrasing
  • Organization
  • Clarity
  • Flow


Publishing companies and agents have submission guidelines for a reason; there is nothing more odious than struggling with a manuscript that does not follow directions. If you are confident in your manuscript's organization, pacing, and language, and are ready to begin submitting the manuscript to agents and publishing companies, WordsRU's formatting service will give your {{ term }} a professional polish that shows you mean business.

Rather than dealing with the tedious work of ensuring that the appropriate spacing, headers and footers, pagination, indentation, and margining is followed on every single page, let WordsRU's detail-oriented formatters do the work for you. Formatting service also includes the preparation and packaging of tables, figures, and images, where applicable.

Given your manuscript, supplementary material, and the relevant submission guidelines, WordsRU will provide you with an impeccably formatted document, organized supplementary files and folders, and a personalized checklist of steps to take before mailing your manuscript. With WordsRU, the submissions process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Upon completion of the {{ term }} editing, your editor will return

  • A marked {{ term }} copy, showing all corrections and comments*
  • A revised {{ term }} copy, with corrections accepted and comments removed*
  • A document with additional comments, recommendations, and suggestions that supplement the comments in the {{ term }}, if such exposition is necessary.

*Because PDFs are only a depiction of text that cannot be altered, the editor will return only one copy, with marks that show where and what changes are required. If you have us edit a PDF, you will have to go back to the original file and insert the changes yourself.

We are aware that you will likely require assistance after you have reviewed the edited {{ term }}, and WordsRU will not close the door on your manuscript until you indicate that you are ready for us to do so. Once the edit is returned to you, your {{ term }} editor will

  • Answer your questions
  • Explain any comments and recommendations provided in the edited {{ term }}
  • Review specific, short passages of text that you have revised or rewritten per the comments.

Finally, every editing project is overseen from start to finish by the chief editor, who will monitor the progress of your project and provide assistance to you, if necessary. While communication with your editor occurs through our secure messaging system, your chief editor is available to you if you need to speak to someone "live."