10 Modern Proofreading Tips for Content Marketers to know in 2019!

Content marketing is one of the most talked about concepts out there today. There is no dearth of opportunity to dabble in it either. But, publishing content for an online audience can be a pretty demanding task. It may often require one to be a jack of all trades.

Proofreading is a vital skill for any content marketer. Mediocre proofreading can wreck a piece of writing that was perfect in every other way.

10 proofreading tips

1. The woes of being self-sufficient

Is it your own creative work? Then it would be in your best interests to pass it on to another qualified proofreader. You may be only too familiar with your work. You know the lines by heart. This may make you miss typos and grammatical mistakes as you glance through the pages with the ease of the author of the piece.

2. It ain’t a sprint

Speed is a virtue in almost every activity we undertake. But, proofreading is not one of those activities. Speed can actually be detrimental to a good proofreading process. Take your time while going through the text and tread cautiously.

3. Spelling mistakes in names, places, titles

General spelling mistakes are easier to spot when you have a good vocabulary. Also, there are many quality spell and grammar check tools. But, titles and names of people and foreign places can give you a tough time. Stay on the safe side and double check unfamiliar names or titles.

4. Check historical dates

Dates are another cause of concern. When you spot a particular date or year, make sure to double check the fact. Likewise, reconfirm the date and time when you are writing content about a future event.

5. Spot your favourites

Much like other people who may not write for a living, writers too may have a few word favourites.  These may, inevitably, spill onto the content and lead to a repetition of certain words. A bit of variety in the choice of words always makes content more appealing. Make sure that you watch out for this issue while proofreading.

6. Redundancies

Sometimes the same points get stated repeatedly. Beating around the bush is also a common occurrence. Be on the lookout for both.

7. Never forget about SEO

Search engine optimisation is key to the success and reach of your content. While proofreading check that your content is in tune with the words and phrases that your target audience is likely to use while searching on Google or Bing.


8.Proofreading your own content?

As ill-advised as it is, sometimes you may have no other option but to proofread your own content. If you must do it then give yourself some time to cool off after writing your piece. Do not start proofreading as soon as you finish writing your content. The time gap can make you a bit more detached from the text.

9. Breaks

You need a fresh mind for proofreading. While going through large volumes of content, it is natural to feel dull. This can make a great impact on your work. Take short power breaks to refresh your mind.

10. Another set of eyes

Second pair of eyes

Once you’ve proofread a piece of content, try to find another person to read through it. This always improves the final result.

Proofreading is a vital aspect of content marketing. Never look at extra care and caution as dampening your productivity. At the end of the day you will be able to get better results and enhanced credibility.