5 Common Proofreading Errors You Must Be Aware

Whether you are starting your writing career as a novel writer, book editor or a seasoned professional, all tend to make proofreading errors in one way or the other.  Even the most experienced writers may commit mistakes, and it can be unavoidable. That’s why proofreading and editing are crucial in a writing task. It helps your document appear clear, concise, and readable. You can even hire professional editing services to help with your document. So, whether you require thesis editing or professional editing and proofreading services in Australia, consult with experts like Words RU. Coming back to proofreading errors, we have compiled a list of common proofreading errors that writers make and help you look at the proofreading mistakes to avoid them.


Inconsistencies in writing can be a huge turn-off. The thing about inconsistency is that they don’t look wrong at all. Some examples include

  • Headings – UPPERCASE, lowercase, and sentence case
  • British and American English – savour savor, colour, color, license, licence
  • Compound Words – bookstore, bookstore.

Look for double and single quotation marks, layout, times, numbers, and symbols. To create a clear and effective article, you must check all these elements carefully.

Doubled Or Missing words

Removing repeated phrases and words can make your document sound original. If you want to use the same word, try to look for words with the same meaning and use the alternative instead. Check if you have missed words in the document and avoid repetitions.


Homophones are words with the same sound but different meanings. If you are a fast typist, we tend to miss this error. Some common homophones include brake-break, complement-compliment, fare-fair, and buy. Be sure to check these while reading the document.

Spell Check And Grammar

Spell checkers can only detect common mistakes. They can’t correct the wrong word usage. Read the document loud two or three times to detect whether the words fit the context and deliver the message. Check the commas, apostrophes, run-on sentences, and fragments to organise your document.


The poor syntax is one of the proofreading errors you might miss during checking. It happens when there is a wrong order of words or due to a missing keyword. It can make your write-up unclear and unprofessional. Be sure to focus on these while proofreading the document.

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