Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pursuing a Business School Degree in 2020

should you pursue a business school degree?Trying to decide if you should pursue a business school degree?

One of the advantages of pursuing a business school degree is career advancement. If you get a master’s degree in the business field, for instance, or a master’s in finance or even a traditional Masters of Business Administration, it is going to aid your career progression especially if you enroll in a good school.

The business school can help you to prove yourself, grow your network, and re-brand yourself, and also expand your knowledge. The advantages of a graduate’s degree in the field of business can always be argued but when it comes to its accessibility, business school offers more choices than a network of job offers.

It always feels good to apply to a position via an online campus interview that in most cases is inaccessible  even when calling up the high powered alumni for assistance. For the case of an MBA, sometimes it doesn’t have much power. Its advantage is that it creates a basis to guide you in a positive direction.

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The negatives

The negative part of it is that business school brings with it an extra cost. When considering your advancement in a long-term career, it is worth the fee to get what you want. Sometimes you might have to consider if a part-time schedule would work best for you. The disadvantage of it is that the program will take a long period of time to complete and that will definitely increase your burden. This comes as a result of using a year or two of your wages to pay a year or two of the tuition together with other expenses.

Lost Money

The extra debts and the lost income reduce your earning potential for awhile but knowing that you will make more money after you graduate becomes a beneficial reality. It will be a difficult situation if you don’t have some personal savings or if the company you are working for will not reimburse you while you’re in the program. It is a good idea to pay for your student loans each month rather than leasing a new Porsche just to look good to your peers.


One big advantage is the excitement you get when you prepare for entering a business school. This is because of some friendly changes, for instance moving to a new place, quitting your job, stepping into a new space of life, and making significant moves for the future. Quitting your job immediately may not be a reality though, but consistent dreams bring some focus to the reality, and finally you will end up achieving your intention.

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The next disadvantage is that there will be a need to take GMAT, and also putting together recommendation letters for the past from your old professors. You will need to provide information about your previous employers and you might have to write essays that can convince someone at the business school that they should accept you into their program. All the activities should always be done at night or weekends when you are free. The plan is done secretly without letting your boss know, if you are currently employed. It’s best to make progress in your endeavors before alerting your superiors to your possible exit date.

In most cases, professors won’t recall the work you did. Therefore, they will use transcripts to determine the work. After a long day of work, writing and studying all night might begin to feel very uncomfortable.

Advantages of getting back to school

It is an advantage to get back to school since it reduces workplace pressure knowing that you have to work for eight hours and then study for another four hours. Some of the uncomfortable activities that are avoided include waking up very early in the morning, doing some work on the weekends when you don’t feel like it, and working a very long day. It makes going to school sound like a dream.

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Replacing pressure at work

Much pressure at the workplace is replaced by the classes and group projects that can be done within a short time. The studying process is not much compared to working long hours. You are not forced to wear what you are not comfortable with since you can even study comfortably in your sweats or pajamas. There is a lot of freedom associated with returning to school, compared to working, like sleeping, attending parties, and working out; all depending on what you want to do.

Gearing up for school projects and assignments

The other disadvantage is the feeling of getting back to school where there is studying and a lot of assignments. Most of the work in the field involves a group project and reading that might have been forgotten. Having fun does not have the same feelings as before, since probably it’s your money that is spent on an education. Perhaps you don’t have parents or relatives to float you some cash while you’re in school. Everyone’s life situation is different, and you might be in a committed relationship or even married. Therefore, the fun in school is limited.

There are a lot of positive aspects to going to business school if you decide to enroll in it. Even though you will have increased costs, your knowledge will increase along with the promise of a good and sustainable career. Business school is a good place to network with other students. Before you know it, you’ll graduate. Then, years later, you’ll be pleased that you made the sacrifices.

What are some of the decisions you’re facing before committing to a business school degree?