How to Write with Passion and Relate to Your Readers

Whenever I sit down to write a blog post or outline my next novel, I like to figure out in advance who the piece is written for—my audience. Every type of writing must tap into your own creative side so you can convey your feelings and findings through your words.

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When I’m writing a product review, of course, I would not be likely to create dialogue. However, when I’m writing a mystery story, I will use dialogue along with words conveying the emotion of danger.

But the big question is:

How do you draw out the creative side of your writing in such a way to get your readers to want to read more?

For some writers, creativity comes natural, but other writers face the white screen with the blinking cursor and don’t know what to write. Jot down three words that relate to the topic you want to write about. Can you put those three words into a sentence to give your ideas a jump-start on a potential beginning to your story? When you write as if you are talking to the person who will read your writing, most often, the reader will be drawn in.

How do Writers Get Their Creative Juices Flowing?

Putting words into visual images the reader can see with his or her own imagination depends on viewing your story like a movie. How does the movie open? With action? Who is in the scene and what’s happening? Now describe what the problem is. If you’re writing a non-fiction piece, visualize a scene in your mind where you will be talking to a group of four people about this idea you want them to understand.

Tips for Boosting Your ‘Creativity Genius’ When Writing

I have found the easiest way to get my creative juices flowing is to already have something written down, so I’m not starting from zero. Following are a few of the tactics I use. Maybe these tips will help you too.

  • Keep a writing journal with you always. This can be a small spiral notebook you write on with a pen, or it can be a digital note app on your smartphone or digital device. You just never know when an idea will get triggered by something you may hear, see, or smell. Your senses are your radar in finding great ideas. Write all of them into a journal and keep it with you for future reference. You can also record anything you’ve read or heard that interests you. Ideas and creativity comes from everything you experience. And, your experiences are the catalyst for creating great ideas you can expand on into a story, an article, or a blog post.
  • Relax your mind before you begin writing. Put all negative thoughts in another room and shut the door. New ideas require a clear-thinking mind. When you turn your focus inward, take a few deep breaths, and relax, it gives your subconscious mind a chance to take in new information. Next, think of a positive event and see yourself participating in it. Believe it. Now begin writing about what you see, hear, feel, smell and notice.
  • Create a place in your environment where you can work independently that will inspire your creativeness. Distracting visual or auditory sounds can stop your creativity. Block out as many distractions as possible. Put your headphones on if you must, and let music create the mood for your writing. If possible, surround your writing space with objects that are pleasing to you—music, photos, plants, scents, view through your window—all these things will inspire you.
  • Set the length of time that you will allow yourself to write. Start out slow, maybe 15 minutes. Then by the end of the week, increase your writing time to 30 minutes. I find it’s best for me to stop writing when I’m in the middle of a sentence or thought. That way, when I start writing the next day, I’m already into the story and can just expand on it. I don’t have to look at a blank chapter.
  • Sit and watch. If you’ve tried just about everything and are still struggling to boost your creative juices, get in your car or put your walking shoes on and go somewhere to sit. All you’ll do there is watch people. Give one of those people a story by asking yourself, “What made her decide to wear her snuggly-looking boots to the coffee shop when the temperature outside is warm?” Before a couple minutes’ pass, you will (hopefully) be tapping into your creative self. Remember to jot ideas down while you’re sitting there.

Do You Have a Limiting Belief System?

Maybe you’ve had a limiting belief system in place for so many years that doesn’t allow you to kick fear and negativity to the curb. Well, today is the best day to start believing in yourself. You.Can.Do.It.

Can you remember a time when your ideas and thoughts were coming into your brain so fast you couldn’t get everything down on paper? Tell me about what led up to that experience?