Can You Find the Ten Spelling Errors in This Document?

This document was created to help you improve your grammar and spelling, not through your writing skills, but to your editing and proofreading skills. As authors of the written word, we need a way to look at our documents and quickly discover the errors in the privacy of our writing domain, rather than publishing the story or document that having other people point out all of our errors.Find the spelling errors

The Two-Part Challenge

This is a two-part challenge for you to complete within the next two minutes. The first part of the challenge requires you to read through the next three paragraphs and see if you can find 10 grammar and spelling errors.

The second part of the challenge will show you a visual way to identify errors that you might’ve never noticed before if you’re using Microsoft Word. Let’s get started.

Challenge Number One

Find a total of ten grammar and spelling errors in the following text.


His manner was not effusive. It seldom was; but he was glad, I

think, to see me. With hardley a word spoken, but with a kindly

eye, he waved me to an armchair, threw across his case of cigars,

and indicated a spirit case and a gasogene in the corner. Then he

stood before the fire and looked me over in his singular

introspctive fashion.


“Wedlock suits you,” he remarked. “I think, Watson, that you have

put on seven and a half pounds since I saw you.”


“Seven!” I answered.


“Indeed, I should have thought a little more. Just a triffle more,

I fancy, Watson. And in practice again, I observe. You did not

tell me that your intended to go into harness.”


“Then, how do you now?”


“I see it, I deduce it. How do I know that you have been getting

yourself very wet lately, and that you have a most clumsy and

careless servent girl?”


“My dear Holmes,” said I, “this is to much. You would certainly

have been burned, had you lived a few centuries ago. It is true

that I had a country walk on Thursday and came home in a dreadful

mess, but as I have changed my cloths I can’t imagine how you

deduce it. As to Mary Jane, she is incorrigable, and my wife has

given her notice, but their, again, I fail to see how you work it



He chuckled to himself and rubbed his long, nervous hands


Original Source: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930


Challenge Number Two

Microsoft Word has a built-in proofing tool that easily shows you where all the spelling and grammar errors are in your document, without you having to run the spell-checker function.

Microsoft Word Proofing Tool

Image Source:

To activate the proofing tool…

Just click the icon at the bottom left of the page that looks like an open book with an “x” on the right part of the icon. When you click it, a window in the right margin of your page opens and displays each error.

Did You Find All Ten Grammar and Spelling Errors in the Sample Document?

If you weren’t able to find all the errors, you can copy and paste this blog post into a blank Microsoft Word document and try this new method for finding errors.

Let me know what you think.

For those of you with limited time on your hands, here are the ten words:












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