Discover How To Write Great Headlines That Get Results

Team meeting to write great headlinesWhat is a headline?

As the headline is the very first thing a visitor sees when they come to your page, if it fails to engage them, they will not continue to read more. For this reason, it is the most important part of you content. Regardless of the message you want to convey, if you do not get their immediate attention, they will not read on.

Headlines grab attention

Beyond grabbing attention, a good headline can communicate entire messages and ideas that can pull the reader into feeling they must read the rest, or they may miss out on something they really want. The point of a good headline is to convey a promise to its audience that those that read on will get valuable benefits in exchange for the time they will spend reading more.

Four purposes of a great headline

A headline must:

  1. Offer a unique and compelling benefit.
  2. Instill a sense of urgency.
  3. Be something directly useful to the reader
  4. Accomplish all the above in a very specific way.

Six questions to ask yourself when creating a compelling headline

Ask These 6 Questions To Ensure You Always Write Great Headlines:

  1. What triggers will you use to evoke an emotional response from the reader that leads to their taking some positive action?
  2. Are there any elements you could use that would intrigue your audience into reading more?
  3. What rewards can you offer to the reader to incentivize them for reading on?
  4. How can your headline create a scenario that gets the prospect to shaking their head in agreement and feeling that this is just what they have been searching for?
  5. What elements could be added to the headline to make it more believable while continuing to be intriguing?
  6. Is it possible your headline could be improved by adding a proposed transaction?

Is writing a headline a lot of work?

You may feel it is a lot of work in the beginning. But the payoff will be well worth it. As you go through the process more and more, you will find it to be less tedious and time consuming.

Eight headline categories that pull readers into your story

Discover The 8 Headline Categories That Are Time Tested And Proven To Move Readers Into Action And Increase Sales:

+ News Like Headline. We see these all the time and they are often very good at pulling in the reader. They often will promote a new product, or announce an improvement, or simply use some trending news as part of the headline, to pull readers in.

+ Question Style Headline. This type of headline needs to ask a question that makes the reader think or feel a connection to the question.

+ How-To Headline. This is one of the leading headlines that you will find used offline as often as it is used online. This style is highly effective when done right.

+ Indirect Headline. This uses elements of elusiveness to create curiosity. This leads the reader to having a question that they know will be answered further down the page. This in turn requires them to keep reading.

+ Direct Headline. Just as the name suggests, you use a direct approach at getting the reader’s attention. This headline will directly state what the offer is to attract those who have a need for it.

+ Command Headline. This is a bold approach that simply commands the reader to take an action.

+ Here Is Why Headline. Using a list of bullet points, you create a headline that gives the reader benefits of the product and leads them to wanting to read more because they want those benefits.

+ Testimonial Headline. This headline offers proof of the value of the product being offered. This in turn compels the reader to keep reading. The use of quotation marks allows the reader to understand it is a testimony they are reading.

In your personal writing tasks, do you think these headline categories and descriptions will improve your writing skills? Which category do you use most often?