Should You Hire a Book Editor for Your Writing Project?

If you are approaching the end of your writing project, you might be considering whether you should seek a publisher and proofread your own book, or if you should hire a book editor.

What does a book editor do, anyway?

The book editor is your link and guarantee that your book will have a professional advantage in the marketplace over other authors who do not hire a book editor. A book editor provides valuable advice on ways to improve the story line, character development, and description in your fiction writing. For your nonfiction projects, an editor looks at and helps you improve the overall organization and flow of ideas in your manuscript. Beyond all that, an editor brings an entirely fresh vocabulary set and phrasing solutions to help liven up your writing by giving it the professional touch that all publishers desire.

Male book editor typing at keyboardCan you risk sending your book into the marketplace without a professional editor reviewing your manuscript?

Maybe you’re thinking that spending money on a book editor isn’t worth it. But ask yourself if a book editor’s fees can be easily offset by the money that you could spend on the correction of mistakes after the book is printed or released. Besides that, some publishers have a scoring and feedback section that allows readers to rate the book, the grammar, and the author’s intent for delivering a professional book. Now, how would you feel if someone left you a one-star review and told the world that your book had too many typos and the grammar was poor? Your unedited book might mean a loss of revenue when others read the reviews and decide not to buy your book. Bad reviews can harm a writer’s online presence. Are you ready to risk the embarrassment by choosing not to hire a professional editor? I hope not.


To test yourself, I have purposely included several editing errors in this post. Can you find them?


Before you submit your book to a publisher, do yourself a big favor and let someone, like a WordsRU editor, edit and critique your book. You’ll thank us when you begin receiving five-star reviews.


Are you ready to find out how much it would cost to have your book edited? Click the Get Started link on this page to get a free online quote. It’s free and you’re under no obligation. Come on, do it.

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Once you feel confident in the overall organization, pacing, content, and consistency of your manuscript as a whole, a proper copyedit can make the language of your book really shine. WordsRU’s expert copyeditors stand ready to assess every line of your manuscript with an eye for improvement. Take action. Get started. Choose an editor.