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WordsRU is committed to providing a top-quality editing and proofreading service that attracts the highest possible quality outcomes for our customers. At the end of every job we ask our customers to provide feedback on their experience, below is a random selection of that feedback grouped by job type.


4.93 out of 5 stars





By Brittney on January 17, 2018 (United States of America)

Writer / Author, Book

Wow. Carole blew me out of the water. AMAZING!

By Xinyu sun on January 11, 2018 (China)

Academic / Student, Journal Article

Great Faith. After her help, my paper is accepted. This is the second service her support.

By Judy on January 08, 2018 (United States of America)

Academic / Student, Application / Personal Statement

Faith was wonderful! She edited my essay in timely fashion and offered many advice -- especially in grammar and repetitive wordings.

By Malcolm on January 06, 2018 (Japan)

Academic / Student, Research Paper

Brett did a brilliant job of proofreading and editing my work. He picked up on more items than I could have ever expected. The quality of the final work is outstanding. I definitely recommend Brett to anyone who wants their work meticulously proofread and edited. Malcolm

By Richard on January 06, 2018 (United States of America)

Academic / Student, Other Writer Document


By Julia on January 03, 2018 (United Kingdom)

Academic / Student, Application / Personal Statement

I appreciate Faith's professional approach to the given task. Faith has provided me with very useful suggestions and feedback. The text reads so much better now.

By Alfred on December 27, 2017 (United States of America)

Writer / Author, Book

Faith did a great job!

By Sinem on December 21, 2017 (Turkey)

Academic / Student, Other Academic Document

I had difficulties about the language style in publishing process although ?t was revised by your service. But then editor Sarah and Faith made me a new revision. And they hopefully let me take a licensed certificate according to English revision.

By Lola on December 21, 2017 (United States of America)

Writer / Author, Children's Book

Wow! Your editing is so detailed and professional. I knew a lot was wrong with my book but i did not think it was this bad :) and worse still it looked good till i got a printed proof :( I feel like i need to trash the previous book and start all over again. How do i do this? I have published somewhat traditionally before and never knew the real meaning of Print-on-demand. It looked so nice uploading it and the thought that it was going to be uploaded to Kindle in this extremely unprofessional way is stunning to me. I could have saved myself the trouble and just have WORDSRUS do all this for me in the first place. The next question is can you re publish this book? and all the other books? Anything less and it would be a waste of time. Thanks, Lola - In a stunned mood :(

By Anton on December 19, 2017 (Russian Federation)

Academic / Student, Journal Article

It is always a pleasure to work with wordsRu

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