Research Paper Editing and What your peers won’t tell you

Research Paper Editing - Secrets and Insider Info


Research paper editing is not like editing a novel; nor is academic editing anything like reviewing a nonfiction book or business document for errors. What, then, is the solution to knowing how to edit a research paper? If you’ve ever asked your peers for their insider tips and secrets for editing a research paper to ace a grade of A+ or to submit the paper for publication, most likely they shrugged you off with a look. But in your heart you know that they know, but they choose not to share that information.

At WordsRU, we do have the insider information and we’ve decided to share our tips and secrets with you. Why? We’ve been helping students and writers achieve success with all their written work, because we hire the top professional academic editors from around the world. Let’s get started.

Your Personal Research Paper Checklist Before the Final Edit

Before you even submit your paper to a freelance editor or to an editing company such as WordsRU, make sure you can check off each item in the list below.

[ ]  I have gathered substantial information for my paper’s topic.

[ ]  I am confident about my paper’s content and format.

[ ]  I have a detailed list of reliable academic resources supporting my ideas.

[ ]  I have stayed true to using the APA style format correctly.

[ ]  My research paper’s conclusion supports the promise that there is still more to talk about.

[ ]  I have written my paper using a professional tone of voice.

[ ]  I have read through the entire document and feel confident about the logical way the information has been presented.

Research Paper Editing for the Final Document

Your job, as the writer of your research paper, is to make it the best it can be, given your academic knowledge, research, writing skills, adherence to style and format, and an honest attempt at a draft editing pass. To help you understand how you can save time and money before hiring a professional academic editor, we’ve listed a few common errors we see most often, and then we tell you how you can avoid them.

Common Errors and How to Fix Them

This is a short but succinct list of elements you might want to pay attention to before paying someone to edit your research paper.

  • Have you read your research paper out loud? This is a proven way for finding errors and correcting them. This step helps you identify sentences that are too long, commas that appear in the wrong place, thoughts that ramble on with no conclusion, and basic writing errors that you can correct right now.
  • Does your writing include the use of strong verbs as compared to weak sentences that make the reader want to question your paper’s purpose? For example:

Weak: The primary focus of Washington State’s work in ticketing drivers who text while driving is to prevent deaths and motor vehicle accidents due to drivers not paying attention to the road.

Strong: Police officers will issue a $250 ticket to drivers who text while driving.

  • Does your research paper contain redundant verbs and adjectives? If yes, then rewrite the sentence. For example:

At this point in time è Now

In this day and age è  Today

Extreme serious danger è     Danger

A large proportion of people è       People

  • Using an online dictionary or paper dictionary (not spell-check software), identify spelling errors and correct them. For example:

They’re vs There

Principle vs Principal

It’s vs Its

Alright vs All right

Choose an Editing Option

Everyone know you have three choices when it comes to editing a research paper. You can edit it and proofread it yourself, you can do a peer edit, where another student reads your paper if you read his, or you can hire a professional academic editor like those working at WordsRU. You might be thinking to yourself that it’s more cost effective if you do it yourself or trade with another student for editing services. But the best choice is to hire an academic editor who can put the final perfect touch on your paper to give it the most professional possible.

The Results

When you choose to hire a professional academic editor, you will be one of “those” students who knows the insider secret to getting the best grade and obtaining an outstanding accolade for your writing.

So, the question is: “What will it cost you NOT to hire a professional editor?” Think about it. Is it worth a re-do if your paper doesn’t make the grade? Are you willing to accept a lower score because you did your own editing? You’ve worked hard on your paper. Why bail at the last minute when it really counts? At WordsRU, our academic editors catch not only the big errors, but the smaller nuances that you might have overlooked. We’re here when you choose to do it the professional way.