Four Business Writing Tools to Improve Your Productivity

We all have our favorite business writing tools, but finding out about the most popular ones can help improve your productivity and make your business writing tasks much more fun.Professional Editing Service

What are your favorite business writing tools?

Over the years, we’ve all seen tools, websites, and software writing generator apps that are touted to make our business lives easier. But if you’re like most busy entrepreneurs or business-savvy individuals, you probably don’t have lots of free time to search for and try out the latest and greatest writing tools for business.

Here, then, are four of our current favorites for you to consider:

Grammar and Spell Checker

  1. A Grammar and Spell Checker from your Microsoft Word program or similar word processing software program. Although these spell checkers and grammar checkers are not able to find and correct 100% of your writing errors, this tool does give most authors a first step for finding errors in a document.

Tone and Clarity Tools

  1. Tone and Clarity Tools are either loved or loathed by business writers. However, we’ve found one tool that, if you can overlook the somewhat awkward product name—Unsuck It—to be truly helpful when we’re doing our business writing drafts. What it does is it assesses the writing jargon in your business document, and then the tool suggests more meaningful words. If you’re writing a document that needs more clarity to convey your message, or if you want to alter the tone of the communication, this tool is worth trying. We like it for producing another version of what we’re already thinking of publishing. Then we compare the documents and swap words and phrases until it sounds “just right” for our intended audience.

Tools to Manage Information Overflow

  1. Managing Information Overflow with EverNote. This app is a favorite with many folks who like to distill, sort, and later refer to important information in their business communications. You can easily and quickly create multiple notebooks and the program allows you to tag anything to cross-reference whatever you enter. For us, it’s an indispensable tool for our business writing tasks. Once you discover how you can record and quickly retrieve information, you might wonder how you ever managed all those thousands of data items before that were written down in various places or lost forever on a forgotten dinner napkin or Post-It note.

Email Tool Add-On

  1. An Email Tool We Can’t Live Without is Rapportive, which works with Gmail as an add-on. We know thousands of people who use this tool to help develop a better rapport with their clients since it identifies the sender’s name, position, company, location, and instantly shows contextual information about each of your email contacts. This helps you write better business communications when you know more about who has contacted you. It’s also possible to use the sharing features with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and various websites.

Let us know which business writing tools are your favorites and we can get a discussion going to possibly write up various reviews on the top favorites.