Are mobile devices the ‘new’ shopping assistant?

If you share a similar lifestyle with the average consumer, you just might be using a mobile device to make a purchasing decision. Am I right?Shopping with a Mobile Device for Editing Services

Do you shop for editing services using a mobile device?

Since we don’t get in our cars and drive to a store to shop without our wallets or credit cards, those of us who own a smartphone also don’t leave home without it, right? But have you ever gone online to shop for a service that can provide editors for hire who will clean up your novel, business presentation, academic paper, or website? And you know that you will never meet or see that editor in person, right? Yet, you trust the company to edit your document, am I correct?

What Makes a Company Appear Trustworthy to You?

Before I answer that question, let me digress a moment to the years when a big book of paper was dropped on your doorstep that bore the title “Yellow Pages.” For those of you who are too young to know what the Yellow Pages were, I will tell you that it was a print publication that listed businesses who had services to sell…and those listings were contained inside of a huge paper publication that required vendors to pay exorbitant amounts of money each and every month in order to display their ads listed in specific categories. The bigger the ad, the more it cost. And the more categories you wanted your business to appear in would also cost you upwards of thousands of dollars a month. But…those were the old days…the times your grandparents may never even mention to you. Why? Because print advertising media has been replaced with digital thumbprints.

Trust is measured by years in business, reviews, review sites, and personal testimonials from clients who have used your service.

How do most consumers purchase services these days?

If a business offers a service, that business has to have a digital storefront and an Internet presence that can be accessed through some sort of connected device…like a smartphone, or a tablet, or a computer connected wirelessly through the Internet.

Yes, you can walk into any local store and buy groceries, tech devices, clothes, and any number of items. But how do you purchase a service? Do you research it first on the Internet for reviews? Do you ask your friends for input before ordering a service through a specific company or vendor?

The truth is that many of us will reach for our smartphones, a tablet, or other portable media device and search for reviews or even read testimonials about a service we’re considering buying with a credit card.

How to shop for editing services

When you’re in the market to hire a professional editor to perform miracles on your manuscript, PowerPoint presentation, your resume, a website, or even a doctoral dissertation, here are a few tips to help you make a smart shopping decision.

  1. Search for the phrase in your favorite browser that defines the type of editing service you want to purchase.
  2. See if the site offers a free editing sample. [That’s a good sign they are a reputable vendor.]
  3. Does the editing site offer a free price quote? [Another good sign of a reputable vendor.]
  4. Do they offer fast turnaround, so if you’re in a deadline-driven situation that they can deliver according to your schedule?
  5. Do they operate 24/7 and have editors ready to process your document even if it’s during a holiday?
  6. Can you read bios of the editors who are available?
  7. Does the site accept payment with the type of credit or debit card you have in your wallet?
  8. Can you send a question through the website and actually get a response within 12 hours?

Using your mobile device before purchasing a service

Mobile shopping makes our lives easier when a company is online 24/7 and provides answers to the questions you might have before deciding to give them your credit card information.

Such is the case with WordsRU. We have been in business for many years; our editors are available 24/7, and we have editors based worldwide who can assist you with any project. We offer free quotes on any job, free editing samples, and we even offer a price discount to first-time clients.

If you are reading this article on your mobile device, and you are thinking about ordering one of our services, just know that we are here to help you. If you have questions before purchasing, we are available to you.

Can’t find something on our website that will help you?

We’re just a short click away. Submit your question, and you’ll get a response that will provide you with several options for getting started. And the best part? You can do everything through your personal shopping assistant—your mobile device.