Top 20 misspelled words in business writing in 2020

Do you write business or corporate documents for your company? Maybe you’re an expert writer and you know how to use the spell checker feature in your word processing program…GREAT! However, every day I see business writing communications that contain misspelled words. Do you realize how those written errors look to your clients, or worse, your competitors?dictionary to find words spelled incorrectly

Here’s a quick list of the top 20 most misspelled words found in business writing documents online in 2015.

  1. accommodate: Contains two c’s and two m’s
  2. acknowledgment: There is no “e” in this word.
  3. a lot: Two words,  not one word (alot)
  4. all right: Two words, not one word (alright)
  5. definitely: Remember to add the “e” before the “ly.”
  6. foreign: Pay attention to the placement of the “ei.”
  7. gauge: “a” comes before the “u.”
  8. grateful: Not spelled the way it sounds > greatful.
  9. indispensable: This word ends in “able” rather than “ible.”
  10. its versus it’s: its is possessive, whereas it’s indicates “it is.”
  11. judgment: There is no “e” in this word.
  12. liaison: This is a French word writers misspell by placing the vowels in the wrong order.
  13. license: There is an “s” in this word, rather than two “c’s.”
  14. lose versus loose: You can lose your phone, and your belt can be too loose; be careful not to confuse these two words.
  15. neighbor: Be careful not to switch the “e” and “i” around.
  16. occurrence: This word ends with “ence” rather than “ance.”
  17. pastime: Only one “t” in this word.
  18. receive: This is a common error. In this instance, “e” precedes “i.”
  19. twelfth: You won’t find a “v” in this word.
  20. until: There’s only one “l” in this word, not two.

How many of these words do you spell correctly in your business communications or in website pages?

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