Submission Tips

The relationship between a writer and an editor is precious; you are trusting us with your thoughts, ideas, and creative style.

You are counting on us to find the missteps, improve the structure, and offer a solid evaluation. As with any relationship, incorrect assumptions–from the writer or the editor–can result in disappointment at best, and catastrophe at worst. In contrast, knowing the expectations can lead to a smooth, advantageous relationship.

The right expectations can lead to a satisfying relationship.

What We Do

Sentence Structure

We make any changes that are necessary to the actual sentence. This includes punctuation, spelling, and grammar, as well as word choice and condensing of sentences.


We make adjustments between sentences and paragraphs in order to improve the flow of thought. This can be a matter of consecutive order, topic structure, or character development.


We offer additional suggestions, observations, and ideas in our comments boxes.


As long as you let us know what citation guide you need to follow, we format your in-text citations and your bibliographic material accordingly.


We send you a copy of the document that shows all of the changes and suggestions we’ve made. We also send you another document that has all of the changes already made. This way, you can either go through step by step, accepting or not accepting each change that was suggested, or you can cut to the chase and have the whole document already edited and ready to go!

Additional Support

We are ready and willing to answer any additional questions, even after we’ve submitted your edited piece. Your satisfaction is our goal.

What We Don’t Do

Write Your Paper

We would not venture to dictate the information that should be included in your document. Although we do offer copywriting services, our editing services take your thoughts and words and fine tune them.


We would never presume to know your requirements. We edit many types of documents all over the world, so we recognize the fact that a multitude of specifications exist; one standard does not fit all.

Police for Plagiarism

We have faith in you. We realize that various means for plagiarism checking are available, and we presume that you will do your homework to ensure that your document is credible and legitimate. In short, we are not the plagiarism police!

Gather your citation information

We realize that information often appears in more than one source, particularly with the use of online sources. As a result, we cannot ascertain the specific source that you used for your research, nor can we gather the corresponding information.

What You Can Do

Set the Stage

If you give us the foundation, we can do the rest. Supply us with the basics–sentences, paragraphs, headings, and citations–and we’ll work on the grammar, word choice, format, flow of thought, and more.


If you have received particular directions, share them with us. If you have been given a website with guidelines, send them to us. If a certain citation format is required, let us know. The more information you provide, the better we can meet your expectations.

Provide citation information

If you are writing a paper that requires any form of citation, don’t be shy. Give us all of the information you have about the source. We’ll take what you provide, remove the extraneous material, and organize the relevant material. It’s better to have too much than too little!


If you feel unsure about a particular area of your writing, feel free to ask us. Maybe you were debating between two words or phrases, or you were trying to express a specific idea and aren’t sure if you succeeded. Feel free to let us know what’s on your mind, so we can address those areas of uncertainty during the edit. You can share this information through email, in the actual text (using a different color or highlighted entry), or in the comments boxes.

Continue to Ask

If you are confused about a change or comment in your edited piece, ask us about it! We want you to feel comfortable and confident, and we’ll be happy to provide additional communication until you are satisfied.

In the end, a solid edit is based on communication. When you submit your work to WordsRU, you are entrusting your writing to real people, people who care about you and your message. We welcome any information you provide because every additional piece of information helps us to make your work shine!