What Is Proofreading? 
Everything You Need to Know About Proofreading Services!

Almost all of us have heard the word “proofreading” as part of our academic or work experience. Indeed, we have often employed proofreading services. However, many of us remain unclear regarding the specifics of this process. For instance, we might wonder, What is the difference between editing services and proofreading? Is proofreading really a useful process? What does a proofreader actually do?

What follows will answer your questions regarding this matter. 

The traditional meaning

This is what leads to confusion in many people’s minds. Traditionally, proofreading is the process of comparing the edited version of a work with the final layout of the work prepared by the typesetter before publishing. The proofreader makes note of the errors (if present) in the typeset version and sends this to the typesetter for correction. It is more or less an error check.

However, the more popular understanding of proofreading today is quite different from the traditional meaning. 

Proofreading today

Today, the word “proofreading” more commonly refers to the process that removes errors associated with grammar, spelling, punctuation and the like from a draft manuscript. It is the final step in a comprehensive editing process and is used to remove surface-level errors from the text. It is utilized by students for academic submissions as well as for other forms of writing whether for business communications or writing for publication. 

The utility

Proofreading brings tremendous utility to authors. It ensures that embarrassing errors are removed from the text. This also safeguards the professional quality and strength of the work.


Today, writers can easily access proofreading services across the globe. Online proofreading services are quite popular and cater to clients irrespective of distance. There is a healthy competition within the industry; thus, a number of options are available to clients. 

The facts discussed above should give you a basic idea about proofreading, the various attributes of the process, its utility and accessibility in the current scenario.