Promote Your Book by Creating a Quick and Simple Book Trailer with Your Phone

Whether you’re still writing your book and thinking about how to market it, or if you’ve already written your book, WordsRU has editors standing by who can edit the words you’ll use in a quick and simple-to-make book trailer.

What is a Book Trailer?

In case you’re not familiar with the term book trailer, it just means that it’s a short video advertisement with pictures that promotes and markets your book. You can post these book trailers on various online sites for others to view.

Example of a Book Trailer

When you follow this link, it will take you to YouTube where you can actually watch a book trailer.


What Do I Put in My Book Trailer?

You can use photos, royalty free music, a picture of your book, and words that appear on the screen while the video is playing. Where WordsRU is here to help is before you put the book trailer together, you can type the words that will appear on each slide of your video. Then one of our editors can review the slides and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. You wouldn’t want to launch a trailer for your book with mistakes in the video, would you? We didn’t think so.


Which Software Programs Do I Need to Create My Book Trailer?

Of course, you can buy proprietary programs made exclusively to create book trailers or short videos, but if you have Animoto or Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create the slides. Then using a free program like Audacity, you can add a sound track. Just make sure you are not using a licensed music track. You can purchase tracks for a small fee or you can use free music tracks that are in the public domain.

Or, as you can see by viewing the embedded video at the top of this post, you can create your book trailer using your mobile phone.


The Words in Your Book Trailer Must Be Error-Free

The text you enter for the slides or into a video-producing program are quite important, since the purpose of a book trailer is to promote your book. To ensure your text and written material is perfect, you can write the words for each slide into a Microsoft Word document. Then you can submit the document to WordsRU and one of our editors will make your words shine with no errors.

Where Can I Submit My Book Trailer for Free to Advertise My Book?

The sites you’ll want to search for are called Video Sharing Sites. You can use paid sites, but to start out, it’s good to use the free sites. Here is a website that lists video sharing sites for 2017.


Check out the links on that page, submit your book trailer, and watch what happens when you sell more books through zero-cost advertising, and possibly zero-cost production, since you’ll do this all by yourself.

In summary, when you want to advertise your book, you can create a book trailer and then submit it to video sharing sites on the internet. But remember, before you put your video out there for all the world to see, make sure you have it professionally edited. WordsRU has editors ready to copy edit the words you’ll use in your book trailer.

Have you ever made a book trailer? Tell our readers about your experience. We’re ready to listen.