Best 10 Websites for Selling Your E-Book with Zero Sign-Up Fees

Have you written a book and are still wondering where to publish it? Maybe you’ve thought about sending queries to mainstream publishers or soliciting an agent who might want to represent you. But what if…you could list and sell your book with no monetary charges? Would you want to give it a try?10 best websites to sell your ebook

Online, you will find many websites trying to lure first-time authors into their marketing space. Some vanity press publishers charge as much as $25,000 to accept a book for publication. My recommendation for the first thing you should do before publishing your book is to get it edited by a professional editor. To sign up with an editor today and give your book the professionalism it deserves, click here. Remember, poor grammar, typos, and bad formatting will never sell lots of books. Don’t take the chance.

Best Ten Websites for Selling Your Ebook

When you want to sell your e-book, and you do not want to pay any sign-up fees, then print this list, choose one of the sites mentioned below, and get your book published this week.

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon (35% to 70% royalty per sale)

Amazon allows you to self-publish your books on Amazon Kindle store for free. Your customers can read your book on any Kindle device, or through an app for iPad, iPhone, PC, BlackBerry, and android devices.

  1. Pubit! Barnes and Noble Nook platform (40% to 65% royalty per sale)

By using Pubit! your manuscript will be automatically converted into a digital file that anyone with a NOOK, mobile or PC can read what you have printed. This platform also helps you distribute your e-books to millions of readers.

  1. Lulu (90% royalty per sale)

similar to Amazon, this platform allows you to reach millions of readers for your book in many markets such as Barnes & Noble, and the iBookstore. They also market your book in their Lulu marketplace.

  1. Scribd (80% royalty per sale)

Scribd is a site that has been around for a while and they will help you sell and market your book. They do require you to create a seller account that allows you to market your book through their Scribd store.

  1. Kobo Writing Life (70%-80% royalty per sale)

When you want to publish your digital book,Kobo Writing Life will help you distribute your content to more than 160 countries you can publish it e-books, tractor sales and communicate with your fans around.

  1. BookBaby (100% royalty per sale)

When you want to digitally distribute your e-book baby has the world’s largest e-book distribution, so they say on the website. Your book will be available through such retailers as the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony’s reader store,, call, Copia and many more sites. Check out their requirements and see if this suits your needs.

  1. E-Junkie (100% royalty per sale)

Years ago, I sold lots of books through E-Junkie. You don’t need a website, you don’t need traffic, and you can take advantage of their PDF stamping feature so someone cannot download your file or share it. You should check them out.

  1. Smashwords (60%-85% royalty per sale)

After authors snatched up the opportunity to publish books through Amazon, Smashwords joined the marketplace and tempted many authors to dive into their marketing space. Smashwords has been known to have a detailed system to get your book to comply with and pass their publishing requirements. However, online will find a lot of independent freelancers who will convert your book for a very small fee.

  1. Booktango (100% royalty per sale)

I have not been disappointed with booktango and the features they offer with their e-book publishing site. You can get listed on broad network of the most popular online retail. Visit their site and see if this is something that will work for you.

  1. Payhip (100% royalty per sale)

This online book publisher allows you to upload and sell your books directly to any fans that you have including followers and visitors from your website. The great thing about this site is you instantly get paid through PayPal. Note that you will need to set up a PayPal account before you

In conclusion

In conclusion, these 10 best websites will help you decide where you want to publish your book. Remember, make efficient use of your time and also be sure to have your book edited before you publish it to the world. Looking for an editor? Hire a professional editor today.