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Yes, indeed, in most organizations, annual reports are like the driest snacks in the breakroom. But, they’re super important to understanding a firm’s performance, budget, needs, and goals. We can ensure that your annual report is clear, concise, and professionally formatted. Got style guidelines? Just upload them along with your report.

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Gilbert Nenohwe

Gilbert Nenohwe

July 11, 2024

(United Kingdom)

Good experience and great support



June 18, 2024

(United States of America)

The quality and speed of the editing was EXCEPTIONAL!

Our business areas of expertise

What WordsRU’s Business Document Editing
Service Can Do for You

WordsRU's chief editors will always work to match your business interests with an editor knowledgeable in your field. If you have a large or ongoing project with several documents, our chief editors will assemble a team of editors to learn your style and remain dedicated to your project, saving you and your staff valuable time and ensuring that your deadlines are met.

Technical & Scientific Reports

Technical and scientific business documents are read both by technical and non-technical people. WordsRU's editors work to make your documents readable to any audience you want to reach. Although we cannot be responsible for ensuring the technical or scientific accuracy of the report, your editor will be careful to maintain the integrity of your content while still helping you to make the message accessible to your intended audience.

Corporate Reports

Our business report editors will have your reports ready in no time! Our professionally qualified and experienced editors will not only ensure correct and appropriate language, but can help you organize and revise the various sections of your report in order to achieve a top quality document. Our skilled editors are experts in a number of report types, including but not limited to

  • Feasibility, evaluation, and recommendation reports
  • Monthly or quarterly management reports
  • Research proposals
  • Scientific reviews
  • Legal briefs
  • Medical reports
  • Technical manuals
  • Commercial, financial, or sales-related reports

Press Releases

WordsRU's professional proofreaders are prepared to make your press releases outstanding! Whether you are announcing a product, service, or news item, we will help you craft a release that draws the right kind of attention.

Journalists look for well-written and salient press releases to use in their publications; appealing press releases can be picked up by national newspapers, networks, and websites! Your business news deserves the public ear! WordsRU can give your press releases the polish and professionalism needed to attract a wider audience.

WordsRU's professional editors will check your documents for grammatical, spelling, typographical, and punctuation errors as well as ensure that word choice and sentences advance your information flow in language appropriate to your intended audience. Our experienced editors will spot any gaps in your content and, most importantly, any inconsistencies or irregularities within the text, data, terminology, and formatting of your document(s).

Media Articles

WordsRU editors are experienced proofreaders and editors of media articles, public announcements, and media releases. Your media articles may be picked up not only by radio, newspapers, magazines, and television but also by e-mail listservers, website media rooms, podcasts, RSS feeds, Google News, Yahoo News, and search engine news alerts

Make sure that your media articles, public announcements, and media releases are ready to be viewed by the public. WordsRU's professional editors will consider the impact of your headline, the length of your sentences, and your choice of words and terminology to ensure that your media releases and articles are clear, straightforward, and informative, while also generating the response you desire.

Product Installation and User Guides

WordsRU's editors will proofread your user guides, technical reports, and technical documentation not only for correctness, but also to ensure that the information you desire to convey to your users is stated clearly and concisely, in language that can be understood by technical and non-technical readers alike. Our experienced editors will spot any gaps in the consistency of information and, most importantly, modify any sections that may prove especially difficult for users to comprehend, while maintaining the integrity of your content.

WordsRU's editors can translate the extremely technical parts of the technical or user guide into standard English, in order to make your installation and user guides more accessible for the average reader. The result is that we will make the guide not only convey the necessary technical information in a clear, concise manner, but will be user-friendly in both overview and as a ready-reference for quick access to specific data.