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The biggest mistake that we see with resumes and cover letters is a failure to craft the documents to suit the positions for which our clients are applying. Copy and paste will rarely get you to the next level in today’s competitive world. Try our Plus service: send us a link to the job you are applying for so that we have everything that we need to help you stand out.

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August 31, 2019

(Hong Kong)

Amazing service! So prompt! Critical comments! I'd love to work with David again! :->



August 26, 2019


Wonderful editing.

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What WordsRU Resume & Cover Letter
Editing Service Can Do for You


When preparing a résumé, it is vital that you keep a positive attitude and always have your objective in mind.

You must know as much as possible about the employer, the profession, the industry, and the position you are about to apply for before you even begin to prepare your résumé or curriculum vitae (CV). You should also have a very clear picture in your mind of the strengths and specific skills you will bring to the position and those that will have the greatest relevance to your potential employer.

Above all, it is imperative that you have your résumé or CV edited, for nothing will undo your careful preparation so effectively as spelling errors or incorrect grammar! WordsRU's online editorial service offers grammar checking and punctuation help, as well as the correction of spelling and typographical errors. Your professional editor will look after the layout, writing, and structure of your résumé or CV to ensure that it offers the best possible profile of your qualifications, skills, and experience to your prospective employer.

Your editor will

  • Tailor your CV or résumé to the position
  • Make sure that your CV or résumé clearly addresses the nature of the position as relates to the strengths, experiences, and skills that you bring to it
  • Ensure that your CV or résumé responds to each of the key elements in the selection criteria or position description
  • Use bulleting to accentuate major points and make sure that the employer's attention is visually drawn to those areas that make you the ideal candidate
  • Use active voice and key verbs to powerfully present your achievements
  • Keep your résumé to a single page, if possible, or no more than two
  • Ensure that all the elements of your qualifications are presented where they belong.

Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the first thing your potential employer will read, and WordsRU's editors know how important it is that your cover letter stands out from the rest! With years of experience providing professional cover letter editing, your editor can quickly determine what you are trying to say and make sure that your letter says it as clearly and effectively as possible.

In addition to structuring cover letters with an appropriate introduction, body, and conclusion, it is important that the tone of the letter be suited to its purpose. Your WordsRU editor will not only check your letter for grammar and punctuation, but will also address the organization and effectiveness of the letter, making sure that you present yourself and your interest in the position in the best possible way.

WordsRU's online editorial service includes cover letter editing that is tailored to whatever level of assistance you require. Our qualified and professional editors will ensure that your words are ideally suited to your purpose and form, with sentences that are clear, persuasive, and fluent.

Your editor will

  • Use shorter sentences, so no points are easily overlooked
  • Ensure active voice where possible, to make powerful, confident statements
  • Correct for appropriate use of jargon or in-house terminology
  • Make sure to keep the letter professional and impressive
  • Make sure your cover letter is clear, concise, and courteous.