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Aimée is a PhD candidate in Epidemiology at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. She holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) and has conducted research at prestigious academic institutions in North America, including Harvard Medical School, Columbia University and the University of North Carolina. Aimée also has standout professional and research experience in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, and has also held various government research positions in New York City with a particular focus in global health, sexual and reproductive health, and infectious diseases. Aimée eagerly joins our team as a meticulous editor who makes detailed observations to help her clients successfully polish and communicate their work.

Skills: Epidemiology, Public Health, Biology, Government Documents

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By Baldwin on June 04, 2023

Very great




Don't Take Our Word For It



June 18, 2024

(United States of America)

The quality and speed of the editing was EXCEPTIONAL!



June 08, 2024

(United States of America)

Overall, my experience has been great and I have been using WordsRU for years.