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John has a strong background in ESL, having lived, taught and studied in Taiwan for almost 10 years. His academic background includes an MA in Chinese and a BA in History. While in Taiwan he worked for one of Taiwan's leading translation companies, editing everything from TV subtitles, academic essays and company SOPs to instruction manuals and business letters. He edits and writes to either British or American English as required. During his employment with an overseas study center, John edited, proofed and sometimes translated from the Chinese various documents necessary for university applications around the English-speaking world.

Skills: Technical, Academic, History, Business, ESL, Chinese translation

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By Ming-may on October 20, 2014

This is amazing. Extremely fast! John is a very efficient and effective editor. He has made my article more readable and logical. I truly appreciate his great help and would come back again. Many thanks to him.




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September 20, 2014

Hi Michael, It looks like you've done a great job. Thanks! Regards Fredrik

This client's editor was Michael



July 16, 2014

I highly recommend to work with Candace because she is a great professional, loves what she does and gives always much more than expected. Thank you very much ...

This client's editor was Candace

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