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Ann has a doctorate in English literature, and has worked as an editor and writer for a number of years. She has edited in the fields of politics, history, engineering, medicine, literature, and finance, among others, and has also helped both academic and creative writers develop their works. She enjoys editing memoirs, and has a passion for proofreading that even she finds a little odd. Ann also enjoys putting together websites, blogging, and writing for the web in general. She really likes snakes as well, but has yet to find a husband who will agree to have one in the house.

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By Richard on December 16, 2014

Great job, Super Fast Service!!!




What People Are Saying

Kyu B

Kyu B

July 14, 2014

She is a great editor and truly tries hard to understand what the intention of the writing is. Nothing else I need say. She is great.

This client's editor was Carole



March 15, 2014

I really appreciate the clear editing with the kind attention service.

This client's editor was Mike

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