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Every year thousands of freelance editors approach WordsRU for work. Very few meet the high qualifications and professional editing experience that we require.

When you engage our services, you can be certain of the benefit our editors will bring to your work. The professional editor assigned to your project will be the one who is experienced in your field or genre and will work one-to-one with you for the duration of your project.


Academic, Japanese, Literature, Creative Writing, Manuscripts

Sarah holds an MA in Writing: Book Publishing, a BA in English with emphases in Literature and Creative Writing, and an AS in Japanese Language and Culture. She has decades of experience editing and writing scripts, short stories, poetry, and book manuscripts. Her editing and educational experiences have given her a unique knowledge of various aspects of the publishing industry and an understanding of how to create marketable, quality writing. Sarah is particularly fond of science fiction and Japanese literature, but her experience also includes years of editing children’s books and middle readers, memoirs, juvenile fantasy, and many adult genres. With several years as a WordsRU editor and more than a year as a newspaper editor, she is also well-versed in editing academic work at all levels, verbal presentations, business documents, and newspaper/magazine/blog articles.

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Thank you very much! I will be back again. Thanks, Rich



Loved working with Sarah from WordsRU! She made great improvements to my document and taught me a few tricks along the way. I will definitely use the service again.



Dear Sarah, Many many thanks - your help has made a tremendous difference. My apology for a late reply. My work has been accepted. I hope to work with you again and wish you all the very best in the future. Outstanding work. Yours sincerely, Kelly



Thank you for improving my website content so well. I'm really satisfied with your services;the user friendly account page; quick feedback; and the quality of work were all kind and great. I'm confident with my website now :)



As always an excellent job Thanks Sarah.

Average quality rating: 4.95

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