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Every year thousands of freelance editors approach WordsRU for work. Very few meet the high qualifications and professional editing experience that we require.

When you engage our services, you can be certain of the benefit our editors will bring to your work. The professional editor assigned to your project will be the one who is experienced in your field or genre and will work one-to-one with you for the duration of your project.


Business and Academic editing, Corporate communications, Marketing, Business development,InformationTechnology

Editing is the bridge to clear, persuasive communication. Understanding the writer, the writer\'s message, and the writer\'s audience is foundational to Kelley’s editing approach. Her credentials include an M.S. in Marketing/Communications, a B.A. in Professional Writing, and an intensive 11-year editing career. Kelley’s specialties include business and academic editing within corporate communications, marketing, business development, information technology, security, engineering, architecture, construction, medicine, and environmental science. She is passionate about helping ESL writers clearly communicate. Your document is her priority. Make it concise, persuasive, and most importantly, audience-driven. She looks forward to working with you!

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I am very satisfied with Kelley's editing work and the excellent system provided by WordsRU. Iwan



Very good edit of the material and useful comments.



Thank you very much for editing my work! Your edit makes my cover letter more lively to read and sounds a lot stronger! I am truly appreciated for your help and I look forward to work with you again :)



Comments were extremely helpful snd useful. A very efficient service.

Average quality rating: 5.00

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