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Every year thousands of freelance editors approach WordsRU for work. Very few meet the high qualifications and professional editing experience that we require.

When you engage our services, you can be certain of the benefit our editors will bring to your work. The professional editor assigned to your project will be the one who is experienced in your field or genre and will work one-to-one with you for the duration of your project.


Fiction, Nonfiction, Business, Web, SEO, and ESL

Candace is passionate about turning an author’s words into books and screenplays that sell. Without changing your story’s voice, she crawls inside of the document you’ve created and brings its true essence onto the page. Candace has ghostwritten 385 books and 12 scripts for individuals and business owners. She’s also authored hundreds of her own eBooks and has been traditionally published for more than 20 years. Her passion for editing drives authors to come back to her every time they write a new book, or they request her feedback about a story idea or to review a document regarding its salability. Formerly the VP of Publishing for a major company in the Pacific Northwest, Candace traded in her corporate day job for the opportunity of serving others as a freelance writer and editor. She tells you honestly and directly, yet with a warm and compassionate response just what you need to do to finalize your writing project so it’s the best that it can be. She’s waiting for your document. Are you ready to get started?

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Excellent proofreading. Kind response.



I enjoyed the communication with Candace, loved her style and approach, and will definitely return back with a new job soon. Laszlo



Well done!!!



great job, thanks!!



Candace is an excellent editor.

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