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Every year thousands of freelance editors approach WordsRU for work. Very few meet the high qualifications and professional editing experience that we require.

When you engage our services, you can be certain of the benefit our editors will bring to your work. The professional editor assigned to your project will be the one who is experienced in your field or genre and will work one-to-one with you for the duration of your project.


Academic, English Literature, Social Sciences, Business, German, Books, History, Politics

Yvonne holds an MA in English. Graduate work provided Yvonne with the opportunity to work on the small staff of a well-recognized literary journal. She designed and taught basic English classes at the university level for two years. Yvonne enjoys the interaction involved in teaching and learning. She therefore invests a good bit of thought in her editing commentary in order to teach while she edits. For the past three years, she has specialized in academic and non-fiction editing, but also loves the variety of editing fiction, children\'s books, and a multitude of other documents. Yvonne is a bit of a polyglot. Possessing native fluency in German, she also edits German manuscripts. She enjoys history, politics, and learning from the vast variety of clients\' work.

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I successfully defended my Dissertation on September 2, 2011 at 4:00pm. At 5:15pm after a rigirous questioning and answering period, I was presented to the audience as Dr. Stephon .... I could have not overcome such a difficult challenge without the help of Yvonne, Jeanmarie and the Wordsru family. I am grateful for the editing services, support and encouragement to finish this project. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Best Regards, Stephon



I have used this service before and I will use it again. Yvonne is a great editor and is very interested in doing a good job. Overall I am happy with the service. Ann



The WordsRU Family has been a major support in my educational process. The work is excelent and I am committed to continue supporting this company.



It was a delight to work with Yvonne. She is highly professional and gave an outstanding proof-reading to my research project. I couldn't be more satisfied. Will certainly ask for Yvonne`s name in future jobs.



Yvonne was a huge help. Her attention to detail was wonderful and her suggestions incredibly useful. An excellent editor.

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