Newsletter Editing and Proofreading

Regular newsletters are one of the most effective ways for businesses, voluntary organizations, and individuals to communicate with current or potential customers, website visitors, and interested parties.

WordsRU's professional editors and proofreaders have edited thousands of newsletters over the years, many from ongoing, repeat customers who appreciate the unique understanding that develops between them and their editors.


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The information contained in your newsletter must match what your target audience needs and expects to find. WordsRU's professional editors and proofreaders understand the elements of communication that are crucial to the success of your newsletter, including

  • Informative, relevant, and current content
  • Timely publication
  • Engaging style and presentation

WordsRU's editors and proofreaders also understand that every article in your newsletter should be newsy, brief, and easy to read, with word choices and straightforward language appropriate to your audience. Our editors perform a thorough and careful edit of your newsletter to make sure that it is free from embarrassing spelling, tense, punctuation, grammatical, and typographical errors. They also ensure that the material flows in a logical and organized manner.

Furthermore, we understand that newsletters are distributed by a variety of methods. WordsRU editors and proofreaders have experience working with newsletters created in text format (like MSWord), Adobe PDF and InDesign, and MSPublisher and PowerPoint.

If you submit your newsletter in MS Word format, your completed edit will be returned in two documents: a marked changes format that shows the corrections made, along with any relevant, helpful comments and suggestions that may arise during the course of the edit, and a revised version that incorporates those corrections into a cleanly-formatted document.

If you submit in PDF, InDesign, MS Publisher, or MS PowerPoint, we will return the document with corrections made according to the program's capabilities.

No matter what format you choose, we will meet your particular style requirements and pay special attention to any issues you specify.Finally, the editor will remain available after the edited newsletter is returned, in order to answer questions, clarify comments and recommendations, and review brief passages of text that you may have revised based on the edit.

Document Security

The security of your documents and content is of paramount concern to WordsRU. Document transmission occurs through our web-based, purpose-designed system. Each editor has signed a legally-binding confidentiality and information security agreement with us, and we are happy to undertake additional non-disclosure agreements as required. Please refer to WordsRU's privacy statement and terms and conditions for further details.