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WordsRU's professional copywriters and editors are experienced in a range of advertising media, including bulletins, brochures, fliers, leaflets, mailings, newsletters, magazine and newspaper ads, and websites.

We know how to make your advertising copy more persuasive, easily distinguishable from your competitors', and memorable enough to be recalled at the point-of-sale.


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Most successful advertising agencies and copywriters agree that several key points are crucial to achieving top results from advertising campaigns. WordsRU will ensure that your advertisements

  • Define the object and goal of your advertisement
  • Know your audience and invite their self-interest
  • Appeal to your customers' emotions, rather than their logic
  • Restrict your customers' choices
  • Present your best offer
  • Are simple and memorable

Our professional editors and copywriters understand that advertising copy must address a specific target audience and generate an emotional response; must be clear, understandable, and credible; and must tastefully stand out from the competition.

The experienced editors and writers at WordsRU apply a variety of techniques to improve or create highly specific marketing copy, while always considering the few general rules that apply to effective marketing copy. We will

  • Ensure that the first headline or paragraph contains all key information about the product or service you offer
  • Maintain clarity and concision throughout
  • Utilize bulleted lists and other graphic solutions in order to relate information as quickly and cleanly as possible
  • Employ simple, straightforward language to move your customers' attention forward to your final exhortation
  • Guarantee that there are no glaring spelling or grammatical errors to detract from your message

Furthermore, the security of your documents and content is of paramount concern to WordsRU. Document transmission occurs through our web-based, purpose-designed system. Each editor has signed a legally-binding confidentiality and information security agreement with us, and we are happy to undertake additional non-disclosure agreements as required. Please refer to WordsRU's privacy statement and terms and conditions for further details.