About Measuring Your Performance in 2015

measuring your performance in 2015

How will you measure your performance in 2015?

Typically, when people reflect on measuring their performance, they contemplate whether they will fail or succeed. The truth is that these ideas may be polar opposites. Provided you weren’t really trying to fail, there could be several measures you must make in an effort to achieve your ambitions.

Although we will help you think about tracking your progress, you first ought to make certain that measuring your performance is suitable for you. Tracking your progress is not meant for just anybody, and you need to think about that before preparing.

Since you recognize that you need to be in the appropriate mindset to measure your performance, we will analyze a handful of preliminary routines that a person measuring their performance will already be executing. Use that opportunity to absorb these routines into your decisions because that will make training to measure your performance easier.

Personal Assessment for Measuring Performance

The easiest method to make this assessment is to ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have a determined attitude?

Do I refuse to give up?

Do I want to produce better results than the last time?

Those questions need to be the kind of inquiries that anyone who wants to measure performance may want to answer yes to. By replying to these questions with ‘yes,’ it means you possess the personality type that should prosper in measuring your performance.

Measurement Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to help you begin:

 — Creating a plan

Creating a plan helps you measure your performance. Understandably, it could be hard to get in the routine of doing that. Begin by creating a plan each day, and it will soon become second nature when you measure your performance.

– Setting a date to start

Setting a date to start is so fundamental because without doing that, you will get scared. This will result in being incapable to measure your performance. There are a handful of traits that individuals ought to possess in an effort to track progress, and it’s important that you set a date to begin measuring your performance regularly.

– Beginning the first task

The biggest misstep that a person could make when trying to measure his or her performance is falling short on this imperative consideration. If you decide to not consciously practice beginning the first task, it will be tough. This is how dependent measuring your performance is on beginning the first task. If you are questioning how to begin the first task, then don’t stop reading, because we will explore that here!

Measuring your performance takes tons of energy spent over time. So you will see, the ideal way to get ready for measuring your performance is to grant yourself an appropriate amount of time for the training so you can flourish. Do that, and this goal becomes much easier.

Measuring Your Performance – A Look Back

Measuring your performance is a goal that many folks possess in life, because it’s the most difficult challenge that anyone might experience. And due to this, many individuals who decide to track their progress quit before they even begin.

Despite how far back you would bother to look, you should find that people who are measuring their performance possess one huge thing in common: they saw exactly what they were getting into. All of them appreciated exactly what would be involved, and they knew exactly what would be demanded of them to successfully accomplish their goals. When you recognize exactly what it takes to measure your performance, there is nothing to stop you!

Measuring your performance needs your mental strength just as much as it needs your physical strength. Apparently, measuring your performance is really physical, but by maintaining a stable mentality, you could prime yourself for success.

Measuring your performance is not just a fleeting diversion, or like fearing failure. To get ready, you have to get relentless, determined, and fearless. Then you need to be capable of having a plan in place that allows you to track your progress.

Maybe you’re wondering, “If I start this, could I refuse to give up?” You wouldn’t have gotten this far if you replied ‘no.’ The actual reality is a certain personality type wants to measure your performance, and a completely separate individual ultimately does it.

Looking Within Yourself for Answers

You asked those questions and looked within yourself to see whether or not you possess exactly what it takes to measure your performance. And you have made preparations to carry out your plan. A lot of individuals who fell short measuring their performance did so because they were not totally ready. By seeing whether or not you have what it takes to measure your performance ahead of time, you certainly have invested your best interests in the direction of moving more towards your goal.

You may have previously asked yourself, “Do I have a determined attitude?” Honestly, you have to ask that about yourself. Individuals who said no to that will remain unable to take any positive action steps to measuring their performance.

Bear in mind that beginning the first task is the number one technique to guarantee your victory. If you begin by feeling burned out, remember that by beginning the first task in your training, you will be capable of conquering this challenge. Let’s move on to priming your motivation for measuring your performance.

Measuring Your Performance in Everyday Life

Measuring your performance may not be something that you decide to do on a day-to-day basis. However, if you evaluate the effects of measuring your performance, you might choose to include it in your everyday life. The truth is that measuring your performance includes side effects that will benefit other aspects of your life.

To achieve your ambition, you will need to change how you think. Basically, there’s a definitive characteristic nature that folks who may measure their performance usually possess. Firstly, anyone who may measure their performance could be certainly relentless to let nothing get in the way of accomplishing a goal. This is an example of an attribute that will influence other areas in your life.

Any time you track your progress, you could be investing a lot of time. Basically, you are contending against yourself. The absolutely characteristic that is necessary to track your progress, furthermore, contributes to overall life. During the time you measure your performance, you actually depend on your body for strength. This is exactly what makes measuring your performance viable.

Measuring your performance provides various useful skills, before and when you achieve your goals. Ultimately, it takes a certain quality to realize the ultimate goal. It is beneficial to allow those benefits to alter your life all around.

Lifestyle Choices

If you think back to when we first began the progression of measuring your performance, you probably recall being asked the following questions:

Do I have a determined attitude?

Do I refuse to give up?

Do I want to produce better results than the last time?

These were questions that required attributes for determining if you were ready to measure your performance. These may be lifestyle choices. By replying to those questions, you confirmed your lifestyle.

Certainly, no one ever said that measuring your performance is simple, and definitely, no one ever will. Measuring your performance will grant you thousands of benefits and skills to utilize in life. Bear in mind, it will require some time to get there. This process can play an important role in your life by forcing you to possess these good attributes.

The most dedicated individuals should see their goals through. You might be one of those individuals. If you allow yourself to move forward regardless of your circumstances, you will find the determination and excitement to achieve your own personal success. You don’t need anyone else’s approval to begin. Just say yes and begin planning.

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Candace, Contributing Editor


Editing One Million Words – Tracking Your Milestones

Life events and accomplishments sometimes share the same playing field, especially when the person doing the task measures the results, like Michael did during his freelance editing career. You see, Michael offers his editing expertise to clients who hire him through WordsRU, a professional editing and proofreading services company. Possibly you’re thinking to yourself, “What’s so great about Michael working as an editor?” But the real question should be, “What was he measuring, and how does that relate to tracking milestones through life events and accomplishments?” Here’s his story.

editing two million words

Freelance Editor, Michael

When Michael became a freelance editor at WordsRU, he was given his first assignment. That editing gig paid him a specific amount of money, per word, based on the number of words in the document. He completed the editing job, sent the revised version to the client, and waited for the client’s response. After a few back-and-forth tweaks to the written document, the client signed off on the project, and approved of the final revised edit.

The client left a five-star review for Michael’s editing expertise. (Five stars is the highest rating any editor can receive from a client.) At the end of the month, Michael reviewed the tally of editing assignments that he had completed for clients, and he looked forward to receiving payment for his services.

The following month, Michael accepted more and more editing jobs, and that’s when he decided to begin tracking the number of words that he edited for every job. Returning to the prior month’s invoice, Michael recorded the number of clients he had completed editing work for, along with the initial word count for each job.

Tracking Number of Edited Words

Michael didn’t think much about how many words he had edited until quite a few months had passed. That’s when, out of curiosity, he noticed that a sub-total amounted to a little more than 300,000 words. Before the year had ended, Michael was amazed to see that he had edited more than one million words. Now, maybe to you, it makes no difference how many words one freelance editor edited and wordsmithed to please the company and his clients. But, when I heard this story, it reminded me of how everyone around the world tracks performance with numbers.

For example, you may have heard about FitBit, which has an app and several types of devices that lets you track how many steps you’ve walked within a twenty-four-hour period. It also measures your health and fitness numbers. Or, how about stats that are accrued for every sports figure around the world? Students in every type of school imaginable receive grades and points based on their performance.

The point is that we are about to step from one year of goals for 2014 into a new year of 2015 goals. Have you thought about something in your life that you could measure and keep track of that will amaze you at the end of next year? Maybe you’re not a “numbers” person, and you feel that keeping track of something is a waste of time. But, like Michael, who tracked the number of words he had edited, it gave him a feeling of accomplishment. He matters to the world, and so do you!

Tracking Your Milestones

If you’ve never tracked anything before, the task might sound daunting, and you might have no idea where to begin. If that’s you, then WordsRU has a gift they would like to give you, yes, at no charge. Just click this link: Tracking My Success to download a PDF file that you can save and print out. Just fill in the headings for what you would like to track. Keep the document handy and record your stats. Before you know it, you will be amazed at how well you’ve become at tracking your milestones.

Sharing Your Results

If you’d like to share your personal results with us, or tell us what area of your life you’re planning to track, just leave us a comment below. Oh, and if you’d like to acknowledge Michael for his celebration of editing one million words, you can say hello to him in the comments field below, too.

Until next time, I’m wishing you success with tracking your milestones.

Candace, Contributing Editor


Dissertation Proofreading & Editing

Some universities have a requirement that their doctoral candidates must have their dissertation proofread and edited before final approval is granted. Whether you are considering dissertation proofreading because you have to or because you want to make sure your dissertation is compliant with both citation style rules and your university’s requirements, having your dissertation proofread and edited will result in a final product that reflects the huge effort you have already put into it.

Think of it this way: You’ve been looking at this paper for so long that even obvious mistakes might not be so obvious to you anymore. If your Chair and committee members have also been reading your various renditions, they might not be seeing errors in sentence-structure, spelling, and grammar, in addition to citation or university style requirements. A fresh set of eyes—in the form of an editor who is seeing your paper for the first time—will pick up issues that have become invisible to you.

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