Academic Report Editing and Proofreading

WordsRU's editors will check your academic report to make sure that it is not only well - written, but that it is an exemplary document.

Our professional, experienced editors will also check the structure and components of your academic report to ensure that your report clearly relates its subject and conclusions.

Why WordsRU Academic Report Editing Service:

Measured from receipt of payment, for edits less than 5,000 words.


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To this end, our academically qualified editors ensure that your academic report

  • Has no grammatical, spelling, typographical, or punctuation errors
  • Transitions smoothly between sentences, paragraphs, and sections
  • Is well organized
  • Flows logically
  • Addresses a particular problem
  • Presents a critical analysis
  • Provides an action plan and/or recommended action
  • Follows the necessary citation and school guidelines, including editing to American, British, Canadian, or Australian English

We will return two copies of your academic report: a marked copy, with all corrections and comments showing, and a revised copy that has the corrections accepted and comments removed. Note that the revised copy will not necessarily be ready to submit to your professor/supervisor! You should review and address any comments or suggestions the academic editor has made before submitting. There may be additional information you need to add to the reference list entries or gaps in your argument that require additional revision.

WordsRU will not "slam the door" on you once the major editing has been completed. We provide follow-up after the edited paper has been returned to you. Your academic editor will remain available to answer questions, clarify comments, and review brief passages that you might decide to revise based on the edit.